Kamis, 16 Desember 2010

Funbike Gowes Geulis


Vintage Cycle Chic - Paris 1945

Found these beautiful photos from Copenhagen Cycle Chic...




This proof that every women who dressed pretty on her bicycle always looked beautiful from every age. It's everlasting.

What a beauty..

See the original post here.


Oke, sekarang Gad mau ngejawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang biasa ditanyain orang-orang tentang Bandung Cycle Chic. Here we go :)

Sebenernya ini tuh komunitas atau apa sih? Kok anggotanya dikit amat?
Sebenarnya Bandung Cycle Chic (BCC) itu movement / gerakan. Foto orang-orang yang biasa ada di sini itu cuman tim yang ngurusin blog & event-event aja, sebut aja "Tim Hore" :). Jadi kalau kamu mau ikutan, gausah pake daftar segala atau harus sepedahan bareng kita. Dengan kamu bersepedah dan willing buat tampil cantik juga udah jadi cycle chic kok :)

Kenapa bentuknya gerakan? Kenapa gak komunitas aja kayak komunitas sepeda lainnya?
Soalnya kita gak mau jadi eksklusif, kita mau semua orang bisa ikutan tanpa terikat apa-apa dan bisa pake sepeda apa aja. Kan tujuan dibuat BCC itu untuk ngajak pesepedah (khususnya cewek) buat sepedahan tapi tetep stylish, jadi kita gamau kehambat dengan adanya lebel eksklusif itu. Tapi bukan berarti kita ga ikutan komunitas sepeda yang lain lho. Kita mau anak sepeda dari komunitas apapun untuk ber-cycle chic-ria, tanpa ada gap dari komunitas apapun :)

Bandung Cycle Chic itu plagiatnya Copenhagen Cycle Chic ya?
Sebenernya yang nanya tentang ini cuman ada 1 orang hehe, tapi kita jawab aja siapa tau ada yang penasaran juga :).
Bukan, kita bukan plagiat. BCC emang awalnya ter-inspirasi dari Copenhagen Cycle Chic. Tapi sama kayak BCC, Copenhagen  Cycle Chic juga gerakan. Gerakan Cycle Chic ini udah menyebar di seluruh dunia, coba cek di blogroll Copenhagen Cycle Chic, ada London Cycle Chic, St.Petersburg Cycle Chic, Bandung Cycle Chic, dll. Jadi, BCC bukan plagiat, kami memperluas gerakan cycle chic :)

Gimana sih caranya ikutan Bandung Cycle Chic?
Seperti yang udah Gad jawab diatas, buat ikutan Bandung Cycle Chic ga perlu daftar atau apapun. Kamu cukup dressed up dan nunjukin bahwa sepedahan gak melulu sporty dan voila! You are a cycle chic! Cycle chic gak menutup kemungkinan buat cowok lho, cowok dressed up kan bukan berarti feminim ;p. A cycle chic dude are welcome :D.
Kalau kamu mau ikutan sepedahan sama Tim Hore, hehehe, kita sepedahan tiap hari minggu. Rutenya sih macem-macem, tapi yang pasti ngumpul dulu di Car Free Day dago. If you wanna join, just swing by and say hi! Jangan malu-malu buat langsung nyapa kita :)

Hey, kalau kamu punya pertanyaan lain lansung aja kirim ke gadisazahra@yahoo.com. Feel free to ask anything ;)


Cycling Tips 101 - Cycling in A Sunny Day

(Photo source: Google)

As you know, Bandung's weather nowadays is superbly unpredictable. Extreme sunlight with little gale in the morning 'till the noon, hard rain in the afternoon, both weather are the last thing a cyclist hope for.
But don't let these weather hold you to go out with your bicycle! Here are some trick to dealing with the weather:

- Good Playlist. Yes, as I said in my previous post, listening music would be very helpful. Make a special playlist for cycling in a hot, sunny day. But remember, choose your song wisely to add to your playlist. Because in a hot, sunny day, your temper is as hot as the sun above. So choose the one that makes you chill down and not makes you hate the weather, but enjoy the hot, sunny day instead :)
For example, here are some of my song choices in my "Nyepedah Panas" playlist:
      # I Feel Free - Cream
      # Close To Me - The Cure
      # Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks
      # Amsterdam - Peter, Bjorn and John
      # In The Sun - She & Him

- Sunglasses, Hat, or Helmet, or anything to cover your head from the sunlight. Because the direct sunlight pointed at your head is the reason that makes you feel angry and high tempted. And also makes you a little dizzy. If you have nothing to cover your head and you have a long cycling route, you may fainted. And why sunglasses? To deceive your eyes that the sunlight is not too bright and to makes you feel cooler :p

- Step aside from the road. Take a break. If you feel exhausted and senggol-bacok (yes, the hot weather can cause you to be like that, believe me.) already, you MUST step aside from the road, find a shady spot, and sit down. You have to sit in that shady spot under the tree or under a building shade or stop by to the nearest cafe or whatever for at least 2 song. If you already chilled down, please continue your ride :)

- Sunblock. Do I have to explain why we need sunblock so much?

- The last, but the most important, Sabar. Cycling in a hot, sunny day may be your biggest challenge. It can makes you angry, extremly exhausted, senggol-bacok (the feeling that you want to crash and punch every car with good air-conditioner or anything that get you in the way) and everything that makes you feel like giving up the bike. So, the key to survive all of that is patient. Sabar.

Happy cycling! ;)


Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

Sunday Morning Ride!

the ride..

in the Car Free Day..



inside the FSRD ITB..




Roti Gempol! as usual :p


Nyepedah Piknik! photos!